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Hospital JCI Certification

At MEMORIAL, we are particularly proud of being a Joint Commission International (JCI) certified institution. As such, this certification distinguishes our hospitals as the highest tier healthcare providers according the global standards. Our team worked tirelessly to help MEMORIAL acquire this accreditation, which has to be renewed regularly to ensure continued adherence to the strict guidelines.

What is JCI Certification

JCI accreditation is an award given to healthcare institutions internationally if they meet or exceed strict JCI standards. The standards for accreditation, which are based on the structures and processes for medical facilities, are classified as achievable expectations and take into account legal, cultural and religious factors localized to the institution that is seeking accreditation.

JCAHO, which is based in the United States, is a certification body that provides accreditation to more than 18,000 hospitals in the U.S. The organization developed JCI to expand this accreditation service globally with a view to providing a quality assurance to medical tourism facilities.